Tentesol Titanium

Tentesol Titanium is a reflective, sunlight controlling glass.


  • Limits the ingression of the solar light into the building, checks the over-brightness of the sunlight and offers a comfortable place to live and work.
  • Reduces the consumption of cooling energy in locations where an air-conditioning system is used resulting in savings on cooling expenses.
  • Offers a high level of daylight transmittance
  • The bottom glass color is highlighted due to the characteristics of the coating.
  • Reflective and thus hides the structural elements such as pillars, beams, parapet walls, ceiling floors and installation spaces in buildings with curtain walls resulting in a visual integrity.
  • Creates a mirror effect when you look from the direction where the light is strong. For example, offers a single direction image from inside to outside in the daytime and, from outside to inside in the night.
  • Highlights the color when it is used in a way that the coated surface faces inside (1st surface), and the reflection when it is used in a way that the coated surface faces outside (2nd surface).
  • Stored in stocks without any damage for an extended period of time thanks to its rigid coating.
  • Possible to make it tempered, partially tempered, bended, enamel printed and laminated.


There is a risk of thermal breakage for all types of sunlight controlling glass. Therefore, it is recommended that Tentesol is used tempered or partially tempered. When it is laminated, all the layers of the laminated glass should be tempered or partially tempered due to this risk of thermal breakages.