Silkscreen Printing Line

At the facilities of Ardıç Glass, the Silkscreen Printing Line is meticulously used by the experienced personnel making use of the computer controlled machines to manufacture the glass products.  Silkscreen is the procedure during which the enamel paint is transferred to glass, paper, fabric etc. in a way as to create different patterns. The glass is painted using a silkscreen method and then tempered so that the paint is impregnated inside the glass structure and the picture becomes resistant against mechanical and chemical effects. Geometric shapes or pictures chosen by personal aesthetic preferences are transferred onto the glass by means of this silkscreen method so that the glass is used as a decorative element and to control the sunlight. Different colors may be used to paint the glass with a silkscreen method. Our company is capable of manufacturing glass units and panels with enamel print painted and silkscreen painted up to the maximum size of 2400 mm x 1900 mm.

Areas of Usage

They may be used as door and interior partition glass for side coating and shower cabins.