Manufacturing of Tempered Glass

Tempering procedures that are carried out carefully and successfully at the facilities of Ardıç Glass are intended to bring strength to the glass surface by means of heating the glass up to a certain degree near the softening point and then quickly cooling it down.

Tempered glass that is durable 5 times non heat-treated glass is shattered into parts in the size of a dice with no sharp edges reducing the risk of injury, and this is why it is used as security glass. Tempering also increases the strength and resistance of glass against thermal stresses. The tempered glass board is not subjected to any cutting, drilling, edge and surface treatment.

Areas of Usage

Locations where the elders and children are together, special glass applications, glass furniture and accessories, exterior wall cladding glass, showcase and security glass, overhead glazing, glass and glass doors, gates with intense traffic, vertical glazing up to a height of 90 cm from the elevation of the finished floor covering.