Laminated Glasse

Laminated Glasse

Prevents 97% of ultraviolet (UV) lights which are the reason why furniture and fabrics are fading in color. May be used in combinations for all the glass units with heat insulation. 

Laminated glass is manufactured using colorless PVB of 0.38 mm in thickness. Also manufactured in the following thicknesses in compliance with the applicable regulations and project specifications: 0.76, 1.14 or 1.52 mm. 

Security and Safety

Laminated Glass keeps the pieces together when broken reducing the risk of injury. Laminated Glass offers safety of life and property against dangers such as thefts or attacks by preventing or delaying unauthorized access from one side to the other. 

Sound Insulation

Laminated Glass reduces the transmission of noise from one side to the other. 

UV Controlled

Laminated Glass prevents the ingression of UV lights, which are the main reason of the discoloration of furniture and pictures.

Areas of Usage

Roof and ceiling glass, interior partition boards, ground floors of buildings, kindergartens, hospitals (in particular psychiatry clinics), military facilities and every other location requiring security, display windows, bank branches, windbreaks, balustrades, museums, passages, schools